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Common Summer Plumbing issues and their solutions

Summer is an all-time favorite season of many people. And why not? This is the time when people get to plan their vacations for beaches, swimming and sunbathing. Be it for trekking or spending time out in a forest with friends and family, the perfect time is the summer season. Even the nature becomes more beautiful with the start of summer. There’s very less stress of maintaining health because there exists no fear of cold and negligible fear of fever. Apart from these things, long midnight walks with you loved one is also a thing to love summer for.

Now summer is arriving and so are the summer plumbing problems. It’s a misconception that frozen pipes during winter are the most of plumbing issues. Summer also brings along plumbing problems, all big and small. When you’ll be enjoying that backyard party in the sun with all your special guests, your plumbing might create problems due to rough wear and tear. When your plumbing system endures extra strain, the chances of occurrence of plumbing problems increase. The solution to some problems can be achieved by the homeowner himself and some might require you to call for a plumber. So always keep your plumber’s number with you just in case!

Plumbing Problems and Solutions

However, some of the most common plumbing problems and their solutions are discussed below:

  • Clogged Garbage Disposal: Summer is the season for juicy fruits and delicious cookouts. But fruits bring with them the fruit pits and cookouts, lots of leftovers. Barbecues and other grilling options are the favorite during summer. Also, everybody loves watermelon and corn on the cob. But with pleasure, comes great responsibility. These corn and watermelon pits can actually block your drain.

Solution: Know exactly what can go through your kitchen sink without blocking it. Don’t drain corn cubs, bones and fruit pits to avoid plumbing problems.

  • Washing Machine Maintenance: No wonder you change your clothes several times a day during summer season. The reason may be your sudden party plans or your work load that comes in form of excessive sweat. So, you end up filling your laundry bag to its fullest every other day. With kids at home, you can fill that laundry bag everyday. So undoubtedly, your washing machine is used excessively during summer season. And any leak in the washing machine hose can bring flood in your house.

Solution: Check for any possible leaks in the hose of the washing machine. If you feel the need to replace the hose, make sure to replace it with a stainless steel one. It would cost a little more but last a lot longer than the plastic ones.

  • Sprinkler Issues: The sprinkler heads tend to break overtime. The broken sprinkler heads can cause further damage and also lead to extra wastage of water. So, if you have sprinklers in your lawns, you have to be a little careful.

Solution: Check the heads of sprinklers of your lawns and see if they are needed to be replaced. If they’re broken, go to a local store and check for the perfect replacement. Not every head suits every sprinkler. So, get the right replacement according to the size and style.

  • Slow clearing shower drains: It’s fun taking a shower after a beach trip, isn’t it? But this might create problems for your plumbing system. Usually, when you come home after the beach session, sand, pebbles and shells stick to your swimsuit. So, when you take your bathing suit off or take a shower, no wonder it blocks the drain. The shells, San and pebbles contaminate in your plumbing system and may create the ankle-deep pool in your bathroom.

Solution: Ask your kids to rinse off in the public showers at the beach. Also, take your bathing suit off before you jump into the shower.

We wish you great summers and we hope you enjoy the season to the fullest with sunbathing, swimming and backyard parties in the sun. Just be a little careful towards your plumbing system so that you can avoid common problems that can possibly occur in summers. Otherwise, the plumber’s number will be the rescue. Happy summer!